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The Ukulele Scramble Song, "All You Need is Four Strings" is performed by Robin Hoffman and Richard Perlmutter. Words and music by Richard Perlmutter. Recorded at Norfolk studios; David Chalfant, engineer. Video editing by Video4Good. Featuring the ukulele collection of Bruce Kriviskey. © The Ukulele Scramble, 2019
The Germ Song (Some Little Bug is Gonna Find You Someday), Original song composed in 1916 with music by Silvio Hein and lyrics by Benjamin Hapgood and Roy Atwell. New lyrics by Richard Perlmutter © 2018. Recorded by the Ukulele Scramble, 2018.
If Money Talks, It Ain't on Speaking Terms With Me, Original song composed in 1902 with lyrics and music by J. Fred Helf. New lyrics by Richard Perlmutter © 2017. Performed by the Ukulele Scramble, 2017.
The Germ Song "The Germ Song (Some Little Bug is Going to Find You Someday)", performed live at the Jalopy Theater, Brooklyn, NY on September 22, 2018 by The Ukulele Scramble. Updated lyrics by Richard Perlmutter. © 2018 The Ukulele Scramble
True to their name, Ukulele Scramble play a lot of mashups. When they're not twisting styles from across the decades -- and centuries -- into knots, they're playing ridiculous segues, and repertoire that was definitely never meant to be played on the uke. When's the last time you heard ukulele versions of classical compositions by Charles Ives or Amy Beach? Ukulele Scramble did both, and well! -- New York Music Daily
"Richard Perlmutter and Robin Hoffman of The Ukulele Scramble are talented, fun, and a joy to work with. We invited them for a performance and then back again for a learn-to-play event and both times we were overwhelmed with the community response. Their programs attract people of all ages and we can't wait to have them back!"Alison Horner, Reference Librarian, Stevens Memorial Library
07.16.19, 7:00 PM
Learn-to-Play Ukulele Workshop
Stevens Memorial Library
North Andover, MA
07.20.19, 1:30 PM
Thayer Public Library
Braintree, MA
07.31.19, 8:30 PM
Ashfield Lake House
Opening for Charming Disaster
Ashfield, MA
08.24.19: 7:45 - 9:30 PM:
"Escape to Ukulele Island"
Water Street Barn
31 Water Street, Shelburne Falls, MA
09.18.19, 7 PM
Milford Town Library
Milford, MA
10.05.19, 3 PM
The Shelburne Falls Family Music and Theatre Festival
Water Street Barn
31 Water Street, Shelburne Falls, MA
10.24.19, 7 PM
Luthier's Coop
Easthampton, MA
10.25.19, 8 PM
"Haunted Ukulele Island"
Water Street Barn
31 Water Street, Shelburne Falls, MA
11.02.19, 11 AM
Learn to Play Ukulele
Workshop for Kids
Whately Library, Whately, MA
11.09.19, 11 AM
Learn to Play Ukulele
Workshop for Grownups
Whately Library, Whately, MA
12.30.19, 3 PM
Family Show
Newton Free Library
Newton, MA
04.26.20, Tme TBA
The Fabulous Jalopy Theatre
Brooklyn, NY
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