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The Germ Song (Some Little Bug is Gonna find You Someday)
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The melody for "The Germ Song" song, along with the lyrics for the chorus, were originally written in 1916 by Benjamin Hapgood Burt & Roy Atwell (lyrics) and Sylvio Hein (music). Their song was called "Some Little Bug Is Gonna Find You Someday". While the chorus of the original song referred to the bugs, the verses focused on the evils of the wide variety of foods that carried these germs. The subtitle of the tune was "The Food Song."

The original lyrics are very clever. For example: "eating lobster cooked or plain is only flirting with ptomaine," and "eating huckleberry pie is a pleasing way to die." When the song was originally composed many of the foods sung about did pose a threat to a consumer's health. These days, however, most are considered safe and the original version has mostly historical relevance. My new lyrics, which make up part of the first verse and all of the second, focus on the germs themselves, which still exist and if encountered can lead to an ill fate.

- Richard Perlmutter
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